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Communications and Website Coordinator (position open for 2024)

Are you interested in advancing your communications, marketing, or even website management skills and degrees, even if you are not that into sports. The Communications and Website Coordinator Internship will give you the opportunity to work with an experienced web designer and digital marketing and communication professional. This internship will prepare you for positions such as school district-based web Communications and Public Relations, town-based web Communications and Public Relations, Web Design, and sports-based digital communication management. We are excited to have you as part of our Cotuit Kettleers internship team.  Work can be done virtually off season, and in Cotuit during the CCBL season. Housing to be negotiated. 



1. Oversight and updating of the Cotuit Kettleers website (, including design and use.

2. Coordinating digital public image for the Cotuit Athletic Association.

3. Manage Website content and appropriate communication to the community. 

4. Create partnerships with the social media intern that provides  resources that can support Cotuit Athletic Association initiatives 

5. Update and create branding for the Cotuit Athletic Association that will be posted on the website.

6. Collaborate with the sports writers, media team, photographer and broadcasters to post daily content on the website.

7. Work with an experienced web designer to develop a new look and brand for the Cotuit Kettleers website. 



1. Strong writing and speaking skills 

2. Adept at website design and management (experience with Wordpress preferred but can be taught) 

3. Strong digital graphics skills 

4. Experience with digital communication and branding 

5. Organizational skills to coordinate with other stakeholders. 

6. Suggested academics programs: Communication, Marketing, Web Design, Advertising

7. Alternatives to the above qualifications, such as demonstrating extensive experience with public relations settings, may be deemed appropriate and acceptable

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